Welcome to Juxtapose: Kents Hill School’s Literary Publication

Welcome to Juxtapose: Kents Hill School’s Literary Publication

Short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and photography from the community of Kents Hill School


2020-2021 Masthead:

E. Feeney ’21: E is a senior at Kents Hill where they have studied for the past four years. They can most commonly be found hanging around the Social Studies Department in Bearce, and is currently looking to major in history and secondary education in college in the future. This is their third year participating in the publication of Juxtapose.

Kellie Scott ’21: Kellie is a four-year senior and has been a part of Juxtapose for two years. She has a tremendous passion for writing and literature and her goal is to pursue a major in a related field. From Belfast, Maine, Kellie lives with her three cats, younger brother, mom, and her mom’s boyfriend. At Kents Hill, she is a head proctor, plays both field hockey and softball, and manages the girl’s varsity ice hockey team. Her favorite thing about Kents Hill is the passion that people have for the school and how fun and exciting the community is. She hopes you enjoy the many works students and teachers send in, just as much as she does. Enjoy!

Nora Castonguay ’23: Nora is a first-year sophomore at Kents Hill School. She plays Field Hockey in the fall, and plans on participating in the Performing Arts Showcase in the upcoming seasons. Along with Juxtapose, she is a member of the Film Making Club, “On the Hill” the Kents Hill campus newspaper, and Art Club. After graduation, Nora hopes to attend New York University to study various film-related subjects: screenwriting, directing, and acting.

Adam Chabot, Faculty Advisor: Mr. Chabot is the English Department Chair at Kents Hill School. He has had fiction and creative nonfiction featured in Agapanthus Collective, Wretched CreationsWords & Whispers Lit, 433 Magazine, The Sandy River Review, 101 Words, and Microfiction Monday Magazine.

Logo designs by E. Feeney ’21

“Write your heart out!”

–Joyce Carol Oates

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